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23 Jul


Medtronic DBS Therapy

July 23, 2019 | By |

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Epilepsy may improve your quality of life. DBS requires a neurosurgeon to place electrodes in a specific area (“target”) of the brain. The electrodes provide stimulation directly to the brain to help stop the spread of seizures.

WHAT HAPPENS DURING DBS FOR EPILEPSY SURGERY? A neurosurgeon will implant the deep brain stimulation (DBS) system in two steps. First, he or she will place the thin wires (leads) that will carry electrical signals to precise areas of your brain. Second, the surgeon will surgically place the small pacemaker-like device, or neurostimulator, under the skin in the chest or abdomen.

Depending on your surgeon’s preference these steps can either be done in one day or two days over the course of a couple weeks.

The neurosurgeon will implant the following parts of your Medtronic DBS system under your skin:

  • Very thin wires called leads, which deliver electrical signals from the neurostimulator to the brain
  • The neurostimulator, also sometimes called a “battery” or “device,” which creates the electrical pulses that help control seizures


The other components of the DBS system are not implanted, but are used to program your neurostimulator:

  • Your doctor will use the DBS clinician programming device to adjust the settings on your neurostimulator.
  • You may also have a device (as shown at right) which will allow you to turn the system on and off and check the battery. Using this device, you may be able to adjust the stimulation within options programmed by your doctor.