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Life with Epilepsy

One of the biggest concerns for people with epilepsy is how it affects day to day life. Do they need to restrict their activity and if so, how? Other concerns may arise such as how seizures may affect family life, other relationships, school, work or recreation. Coping with epilepsy will require that people learn how epilepsy may affect them, what their rights and responsibilities are, and how to find support and resources. When safety is an issue, there must be a balance between staying safe and living life. This balance is often found by using common sense, but people will also want to learn about key safety tips and resources.

The challenges of living with epilepsy may be different for children, adolescents, and seniors than for adults, so visit the sections for Children and Teens, Adults and Seniors.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona staff is available to speak with individuals regarding the diverse issues facing people with epilepsy. We can assist you in identifying options for problem-solving or resolution with referrals.  The Foundation addresses issues of adults and children with epilepsy/seizures, its effect on siblings and other family members.  Women who have epilepsy/seizure disorder have specific gender-related concerns, as do men; we have resources and information to help you address those issues.